Sheldon Closing Exploitation event on 28.10.2019, Bulgaria

NARHU has organised Closing event of Sheldon project entitled “Ensuring exploitation and sustainability of Sheldon outcomes”. The main purpose was to provide the participants with the final versions of IOs as well as to reconfirm already achieved agreements for exploitation of Sheldon
outcomes by the State commission for combating Juvenile delinquency and several schools on the territory of Zlatograd where students with EBLD are being taught. 14 participants took part in the event, among them were: chief executives and experts from the Central commission for combating
juvenile delinquency, policy makers, school headmasters, psychologists, and representatives of regional inspectorate under ministry of education.

The event has started with a speech by the Bulgarian team of Sheldon project who expressed thankfulness to the public institutions and schools
who supported the implementation of Sheldon project. The progra continued with detailed demonstrations of IO1,2,3 and IO4. There was also a panel session dedicated to the innovative approaches and tools for increasing the students` motivation for learning and prevention of school
drop-outs of students with EBLD. At the end of the working day several agreements for further exploitation of Sheldon intervention tools (IOs) were confirmed and thus Sheldon project results will be used in the next school years by Bulgarian schools as well as by educational experts from the
State commission for combating Juvenile delinquency.

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